Danial Petro

Core values of Danial Petro are based on executing projects on time with efficient cost and desirable quality. therefore, we strive to realize our dedication to these goals and values in action, and in professional relations by adhering to the following principles:

  • Believe to team work, Effort and Cooperation
  • Confidentiality in information and Trustworthiness in company property
  • Beauty of work place, Respect the principles of safety and environmental protection
  • Patience, kindness and calmness in dealing with colleagues and clients
  • Interest, Loyalty and Organizational Bias
  • Avoid any Ethnic, Racial, Religious or Gender Discrimination
  • Global Attitude
  • Unity in speech and behavior
  • Efforts to observe politeness, Criticism and accountability and professional ethics
  • Eligibility and Merit in selecting and promoting individuals