Danial Petro



Human Resources
Managers believe that human resources are the most important asset of a company. Therefore, personnel’s capabilities are improved by different methods to increase their motivation. Danial Petro Company for optimizing of its personnel structure, identifies inefficient personnel and lay them off and recruit expert and efficient personnel. Also, one of the company’s policies is employment of expert and skilled persons. The number of Danial Petro’s Personnel according to developing its activities has been increased from 2011. Therefore, the company has taken an important step in the direction of its social responsibilities as well as in accordance to its activities.

Human Resources Structure in terms of age, education and experience
According to the latest statistics and information, personnel structure in terms of age, education and experience include:
- Age: About 71% of personnel are under 40 years.
- Education: About 40% of personnel are highly educated.
- Experience: About 63% of personnel have experience between 0 to 10 years.

Training and development of personnel capabilities
Danial Petro’s top managers always have considered Training and empowerment of their personnel. According to it, specialized and required training courses are held every year. These courses include:
• Continuing English language Courses for all staff
• Project Management Professional(PMP) Course for project managers, managers and expert personnel.
• Professional Excel Course for staff
• Value Engineering Workshop
• HSE Courses for Head office and Project staff