Danial Petro


Kohdasht/Charmaleh 48-inch Pipeline with length of 130 km and capacity of 25 million cubic meters per day gas has Constructed for export gas to Iraq, balance of gas supply network and Strengthening gas supply to the western and northwestern provinces. Pressure for this pipeline is 1050 pound per square inch. This pipeline starts by branching of existing IGAT-6 (1350Psi) at kilometer 180 + 373 and after passing the pressure control station, intermediate valve stations, leads to the receiver station at Kilometer 130 of the export pipeline. The other parts of the Project include: 7 LBV station, 3 Cathodic Protection Station, Pressure Control Station, Pig Launcher and receiver Stations, Telecommunication building stations and Executing of Fiber Optic cable.

  • WHERE:

    Kohdasht in Lorestan Province to Charmale in Ilam Province

  • WHEN:

    The end of the project is January 2018

  • TYPE:

    EPC Project




    Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company


    NASR Joint Venture

The project

The project is executed by Nasr joint venture. The joint venture consists of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz, Omran Gostar and Harazrah Companies. Danial petro as Contractor of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz has executed the project.

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