Danial Petro


The purpose of the project is to transfer part of the petroleum products (gas oil, kerosene and gasoline) from Bandar Abbas, Hormoz and Persian Gulf Star refineries through Nain to Kashan and Tehran. The main parts of the project include the construction of 420 km of 20-inch Pipeline that equipped with a leak detection system between Naein / Kashan / Tehran, construction of ten tank farm with total capacity of 300,000 cubic meters in Naein, construction of new Naein & Kashan pump stations, development of Ray terminal, construction Electrical substation 63/6.3 KV of Kashan, development and improvement of existing Electrical substation 63/6.3 KV of Naein and construction of 6 KM of 63 KV Electrical power transmission in Kashan to Kashan’s pump station.

  • WHERE:

    From Naein in Isfahan Province to Ray in Tehran Province.

  • WHEN:

    December 2011-In Progress

  • TYPE:

    EPC Project


    Iran Parsikan Co




    NASR Joint Venture

The project

Danial Petro, Nasr Misagh Ahvaz, IDIS Co and Bina Companies have formed NASR joint venture. Then, all the terms of Nasr's joint venture agreement with the National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company(Client) have been awarded to Daniel Petro Company.

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