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Sabzab / Rey Pipeline Project has constructing for transferring 450000 crude oil barrels of North Dezful Reservoir. The pipeline is from Sabzab pump station in Khuzestan Province to Ray Terminal in Tehran Province. Also, the pipeline passes through Lorestan, Markazi, Qom provinces. Sabzab/Rey pipeline project with an approximate length of 620 km includes: Construction 102 km 30-inch pipeline with transmission capacity 450000 barrels per day from Sabzab pump station to Tang fani pump station. Construction 239 km 26-inch pipeline with transmission capacity 295000 barrels per day from Tang fani pump station to Shazand pump station. Construction 279 km 18-inch pipeline with transmission capacity 105000 barrels per day from Shazand pump station to Ray terminal. Construction 6 pump stations includes: Sabzab, Tang Fani, Asar, Pol Baba, Razan and Shazand Construction of Namak pressure reduction station and development of Rey terminal Construction of power transmission lines and substations in Sabzab, Tang Fani and Asar stations.

  • WHERE:

    From Sabzab in Khuzestan Province to Ray in Tehran Province.

  • WHEN:

    October 2014-In Progress

  • TYPE:

    EPC Project


    Tarhandishan Company




    GHADIR Joint venture

The project

The project is signed by Ghadir joint venture. The joint venture consists of Nasr Misagh Ahvaz(Executing by Danial Petro), Nardis and Setiran companies. Denial Petro’s Scope of work includes: Construction of 620 km 30-inch, 26-inch and 18-inch pipelines, Development of Rey terminal, Construction of LBV, Namak pressure reduction, Launcher and receiver Stations, Construction of 3 power transmission lines and substations.

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